The Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program 2019, offered by Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency, offers international startups a two-week program taking place from July 15th – July 26th 2019. The Talent Garden campus hosts 450 members and offers flexible workspaces, digital skills trainings and many exciting events every year. The program is a great chance for all of you who want to get insights into the Viennese Startup Ecosystem, explore business opportunities and enhance your digital skills.  Push your business to the next level and learn all you need to know about the 360-degree support for start-ups at the world’s most livable city.

In short

What?Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program 2019
Where?Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna
When?July 15th – July 26th 2019: 10 days of deep learning
For whom?International startups who consider Austria as a potential market, want to get familiar with the local startup ecosystem and enhance their digital skills
Cost€4,000 | Vienna Business Agency supports with funding (50%)

The Vienna Business Agency promotes the following expenses for up to 10 startups (for one beneficiary per startup) with a percentage of 50% up to a maximum amount of EUR 2,500.

Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna  will provide you with:

  • 70 hours of training
  • 8  Hands-on Workshops (on the topics Customer Experience, HR Tech, UX Research, Data Driven Strategy, AI, Funding, Pitching, etc.)  held by top industry experts
  • A learning-by-creating methodology and a digital approach to foster collaboration and human-centered solutions
  • The use of tools, maps and canvas to design in line with an organic and structured methodology
  • An On-site Learning Manager support and dedicated classrooms
  • 5,000 sqm of creative Coworking Space, Event Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Community areas
  • Networking Events including Investors Day
  • Evening Programs consisting of dance & music festivals, bike trips and summer cinema
  • Housing: Single rooms at Talent Garden partner Hotel

Do you want to apply?

You must submit your application via an online form directly on the Vienna Business Agency website, until June 4th 2019.

Who is it for?

The program targets international start-ups regardless of the market in which they are working in. The program will help them discover the best business opportunities in Vienna and make contacts in the local start-up ecosystem. Furthermore, they will acquire innovative skills to learn new ways of working, upgrade themselves and boost their careers.

The program could be of great value, if your startup is interested in:

  • Expanding into the Austrian market
  • Looking for international partners
  • Seeking to raise capital internationally
  • Recruiting international teams
  • Select from a set of workshops what you need to grow your business

What’s in for you?

Participants will experience hands-on workshops on state-of-the-art tech and innovation topics. Furthermore, you will be guided by top industry experts to get a ready-to-use toolbox of best practices on Digital Entrepreneurship. You will participate in a variety of networking events. Talent Garden also hosts an Investors Day which will give you the opportunity to meet with well-known VCs. The program also allows you to discover life in the most livable city with mixed leisure time activities in the evening like dance & music festivals, bike trips and summer cinema.

What we offer

Ecosystem MeetingsSeveral social events as well as structured workshops with the Austrian startup ecosystem will be provided to connect you to the Austrian market.
Growth MindsetLearn, understand and experiment the conversion funnel: Acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue.
AI for BusinessAcquire vision and expertise on innovative technologies: NPL, Conversational UI, Chatbot and Deep Learning. The goal is to understand how to manage business that involve Artificial Intelligence.
HR Tech Best PracticesGet first hand insights about latest HR Tech developments and how your startup gain efficiency by applying state of the art tools & methods.
Customer ExperienceStarting with Personas and segmentations, pain points will be identified. After finding innovative solutions, CX processes and KPIs will be discussed.
UX & Customer JourneyPrinciples and basic concepts of the user experience: The importance of thinking and designing products and services according to the user’s point of view.
Data Driven StrategyTools and techniques for collecting, managing and visualizing data to make decision-making more and more informed.
Investors’ DaysStartups will have workshops on how to get funding at different stages. Moreover, a pitching session with well-known VCs will take place.

Talent Garden Vienna and more

Get the best Vienna experiences. The Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program 2019 will take place in Vienna at the headquarters of Talent Garden, the new Austrian innovation hub, a Campus with the best talents in the country. But your journey does not stop there: we will take you to the best summer festivals and events in Vienna! Enjoy cultural spots of Vienna including international dance festival Impulstanz Festival as well as film festival such as the Filmfestival Rathausplatz with us.