User Experience Design Bootcamp

Learn how to design outstanding user experiences for customers.

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During the 12-week User Experience Design Bootcamp, you take a deep dive into the world of UX Design and get ready for the rapidly growing UX job market to become a UX Designer. We combine lectures by expert practitioners, hands-on workshops and project work where you design (or re-design) user experiences in groups and on your own. You leave this course with a state of the art toolkit, which allows you to create frictionless, user-friendly and aesthetically compelling user experiences for customers and understand their emotional involvement.


Customers only come back if you offer them high-quality user experiences. After this three month deep dive, you know how to plan a design process that is human-centered. You learn how to perform user research and get to know your target audience – their tastes, preferences and needs – in order to tailor frictionless user experiences. You also become skilled in identifying problem spaces and coming up with creative solutions, so new users convert into regulars.

The learning experience is complemented by a one week trip to one of our European campuses, exclusive informal evening events with guest speakers, hackathons and other challenges and being part of our international TAG community and the exclusive alumni network.


This Bootcamp is designed for max. 20 students who want to learn the best ways to design an outstanding user experience for their customers. You are probably already working in graphic or print design, digital media, product development or design, product management, web development or engineering? Even though previous working experience in those fields is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite. The only requirement is a strong desire to analyze and design experiences of using products and services. If this fits with your profile, you are the person we are looking for!


As a student of the Ux Design Bootcamp, you will access a guaranteed paid internship for six months at one of our partner companies – the best in the Austrian tech ecosystem – to learn on the job, completing your training path.
You are also guaranteed a Lifelong Placement Service – as a member of the alumni network of the Talent Garden Innovation School, you will remain in constant contact with the best companies in the national and European territory, who are looking for professionals with your profile.


We believe in personal merit, and we reward it!
Our partner companies provide 5 full scholarships (covering 100% of the cost of the Bootcamp)
to reward true talents to become future digital professionals.
Each scholarship cuts down the course rate to 900 EUR – the rest is covered by us!

How does it work?

  • Apply until Sept. 8th to be applicable for the scholarship
  • On Sept. 16th you will receive a briefing for a case study that you will need to work on
  • Send us your solution by Sept. 30th
  • Attend our Scholarship Award Event on Oct. 7th to find out if you’ve received the scholarship!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of UX Design Bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of usability and UX within the development process
  • Understand the rules behind human perception and get insights on cognition, psychology and mental models so you can create better designs which are more usable to your users
  • Apply the principles of (graphic) design, colours and typography and learn on how to make your designs accessible to all users
  • Understand basic web development terminology and get to know the parts on which a website or an app is made off and how to successfully test and track them
  • Know the visual design principles and their patterns, understand the difference between web and mobile design and be acquainted with interaction, motion and contextual design
  • Plan, implement and evaluate usability tests using various evaluation methods and technologies
  • Understand the UX industry, culture and roles and the latest UX market trends

Meet the
Scientific Coordinator

We are educators who are committed to the student learning experience and to taking an ‘action learning’ approach to teaching. We do this by delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.

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Rudolf Zwieselbauer
UX Architect and User Experience | Advocate

Rudolf is the Scientific Coordinator of UX Designer Bootcamp and a UX architect and a user experience advocate from the very first minute. He breaths and stands up for user-centered design and has more than 12 years of experience in digital, web and app design and is an expert in the field of high-fidelity interactive prototyping. He holds a Bachelor in Multimedia Arts with a major in web development from the Middlesex University London and a Course in User Experience Management from the University of Applied Science in Vienna. He has worked for many agencies and companies on various kinds of projects with international customers from around the globe. He is passionate about cutting edge technologies such as 3D-printing, artificial intelligence and mixed reality as well as human-computer interaction, internet of things and ubiquitous computing.

Our Methodology

We have designed a creative process capable of enhancing people’s skills and characteristics and, at the same, of accompanying groups along an organised path: innovating in a structured way.

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Digital Approach

Understanding the digital world to understand the approach of people to services, products, experiences and contacts

Idea Generation

Thinking new ideas through collaborative brainstorming sessions, to imagine and co-design innovative products and services

Canvas & tools

The use of tools, maps and canvas to design in line with an organic and structured methodology

Human-centered solutions

Designing solutions centered on the needs of the people who are involved in a given process or will use a given product


For one week you will travel to our campus in Madrid and dive deep into the local innovation ecosystem. It is an opportunity to guide your professional path to an international level, to get to know different and new approaches and make cross-border contacts – all while working with local startups and international professionals on another hands-on project.


  • Dozens of resources and insights, carefully selected by professionals and experts in the sector.
  • A virtual workspace where you can experience the classroom and organize your studies. 
  • A trip experience that sends you abroad for 5 days to experience international innovation first-hand.
  • A course on Personal Branding to learn tools to enhance your CV and LinkedIn profile to be ready for the best job opportunities. 
  • Interviews with HR groups from the best national companies as well as group Job Assessment.
  • One-to-one mentorship meetings with professional experts. 
  • Entrance to the Alumni community with lots of appointments and updates on new professional opportunities. 
  • 24/7 access to a unique, dynamic, and stimulating campus with 450 talented members. 
  • A bistro found inside the campus.
  • Entrance to all events and workshops exclusively dedicated to the Talent Garden community. 
  • Participation in the annual Graduation Show. 
  • Preferential access to a national hackathon
  • Discounts offered to the Talent Garden community
  • Access to a discounted price for a desk in Talent Garden.

More Info

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Course language

All of our Bootcamps are taught in English because we want to:

  • Foster international exchange
  • Prepare our students for an international work environment
  • Improve the professional English of our students
  • Use the latest international teaching material and case studies
Educational leave

Are you interested in our courses but have a full time job? Our courses are legit for Educational Leave (“Bildungskarenz”)! Benefit from the possibility to take a timeout from your job to take your career to the next level.

Find all info regarding Education Leave here

Application process

You are ready to boost your career? So are we! Here’s how it works:

  1. Request info on the course
  2. You will then receive an email with the brochure and a link to the “test”.
  3. Take the test, but don’t worry: We don’t want to test your knowledge, we just get to know you better! It only takes a few minutes.
  4. Afterwards, you schedule an interview with one of our Learning Managers either in person or via Skype – whatever works for you!
  5. And within 48 hours you will receive the final feedback if you are one step closer to your dream job!

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