Blockchain Essentials

Discover the Potential of Blockchain for your Business
May 28-29, 2020

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What is it?

Blockchains will do for networks of enterprises and business ecosystems what enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for the single company. Blockchain enables the decentralised exchange of trusted data – it acts as a “shared record book”. With Blockchain, information will be integrated and processed within and across enterprise boundaries and has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, while increasing cybersecurity and reducing or eliminating the roles of intermediaries.

Why participate?

This “Essentials” training is providing a basic understanding about what blockchains are from a conceptual side and helps to evaluate the relevance for your organisation. You will be able to understand potential use cases and benefits in all industries.

To whom it is addressed

This course is designed for anyone with the desire to get a first introduction into blockchains. The content is aiming at any profession, as there are no prerequisites necessary. Regardless if you work in sales, management, technical industries or are simply a Blockchain enthusiasts, this two-day Masterclass is right for you!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how blockchains work
  • See the benefits and potential use cases
  • Learn about where blockchains are used today already
  • Benefit from lessons learned of real-life projects
  • Understand different applications of blockchains like notarization and tokenization
  • Brainstorm use cases that are relevant for you using the LEGO® Serious Play® Method

Our Faculty

We are educators who are committed to the student learning experience and to taking an ‘action learning’ approach to teaching. We do this by delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.

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Michael Schramm
Head of EY Blockchain Competence Center Germany/Switzerland/Austria

Michael Schramm is leading the EY Blockchain Competence Center for Germany/Switzerland/Austria. With his team he supports companies to start with blockchain projects: offering use case identification, business case evaluation, pilot/MVP implementation and tax and legal implications.

Michael Schramm holds a Master of Science degree from Technical University Vienna. He worked in IT Consulting and Software Development for 15 years at IBM. Later he worked internationally in Software Sales in Central/Eastern-Europa, Middle East and Africa. He was responsible for business development of Cloud Computing and Smarter Cities, until he decided to found his own startup in Austria for which he worked 4 years. He joined EY in 2018 in Vienna.

Raphael Paier
Senior Consultant at EY Blockchain Competence Center

Raphael Paier has been involved in the development of Smart Contracts and dApps in the Ethereum Ecosystem since 2015. Since the beginning of 2018 he is part of the EY Blockchain Competence Center in Vienna and works there as a Blockchain Solution Architect. His main tasks include the conception and planning of blockchain solutions as well as the development of solution components. If you don’t meet him in front of his desktop, you can find him with his family exploring the woods in and around Vienna.

Our Methodology

We have designed a creative process capable of enhancing people’s skills and characteristics and, at the same, of accompanying groups along an organised path: innovating in a structured way.

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Digital Approach

Understanding the digital world to understand the approach of people to services, products, experiences and contacts

Idea Generation

Thinking new ideas through collaborative brainstorming sessions, to imagine and co-design innovative products and services

Canvas & tools

The use of tools, maps and canvas to design in line with an organic and structured methodology

Human-centered solutions

Designing solutions centered on the needs of the people who are involved in a given process or will use a given product

The Value
of Talent Garden

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