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What is it?

Transform your business into a digital-centred company by innovating the business model. Two days of inspiration and planning aimed at all those wishing to transform their business using digital innovation as a development driver. This involves analysing successful digital company case studies, comparing them with traditionally managed companies in the same sector, focussing on the digital economy, digital transformation, customer centrality and the use of data.

We have designed a creative process capable of enhancing the skills and individual aspects of the people involved while guiding the group along a well-organised route with the aim of obtaining better, shared results in a shorter time. This is the methodology designed by the Innovation School that will help you innovate in a structured way.

Why participate?

The programme consists of 20 hours of lectures and workshops, a full-immersion experience in which, by using the digital innovation canvas and tools, you will be able to design new business models and plan changes for your industry. The course will equip you with the tools and practical methods for innovating within your own company and for meeting more challenging business goals.

To whom it is addressed

The Masterclass is reserved for professionals who want to transform their business using digital innovation and get familiar with tools and techniques to actively actuate the transformation process. It is aimed at managers, advisors, consultants and digital strategists, who are attentive to innovation and understand the need to adapt products, services and processes from the latest digital trends.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand new business models in the digital age
  • To learn how to innovate within your own company in a digital way, placing customers and their new needs at the centre
  • To try out the tools and practical methods for digital transformation, to be used the next day in your own company
  • To learn new methods for brainstorming, coming up with and validating new ideas

Our Faculty

We are educators who are committed to the student learning experience and to taking an ‘action learning’ approach to teaching. We do this by delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.

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Dr. Stephan Jung
Innovation & Strategy Specialist

Dr. Stephan Jung is an innovation and startup expert with over 13 years of experience. He advises established companies on issues related to innovation strategies, processes and models such as Innovation Challenges, Innovation Labs, Venture Building and Innovation Education Workshops. He also supports several startups as an advisor and in their fundraising process.

Stephan worked as Managing Director at weXelerate, the startup and innovation hub in Vienna. He founded two startups, worked as a venture capital investor and as a professor of entrepreneurship & innovation. His studies took him from the TU Munich via the University of Zurich, and the MIT Sloan School of Management to WU Vienna.

Martin Giesswein
Co-Initiator of DigitalCity.Wien, Company-Startup Connector at Innovation2Company and Co-Founder Talent Garden Vienna

Martin Giesswein is co-initiator of DigitalCity.Wien, invested in Trending Topics and Talent Garden and is connecting startups with corporates since 2015 with “Innovation to Company”. In 2014, he was the Exit-CEO of the Austrian matured startup immobilien.NET. Previously, he was breathing 10 years of corporate air, e.g. as General Manager of Nokia Austria / Adriatics. He is lecturing at least half of his working time at universities and corporate academies with a focus on digital economics, leadership and innovation.

Maximilian Lammer
Program Lead at Innovation2Company, Head of Business Development at Grape and Co-Founder Talent Garden Vienna

Max Lammer is expert in Leadership and Digitalization, Head of Business Development at the start-up Grape ( and Co-Founder of Talent Garden Vienna. Since five years, he manages the Corporate Startup Engagement program of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce “Innovation to Company”. As trainer und consultant he supports projects for the development of digital and innovation strategies, “New World of Work” and Employee Experience programs.

Our Methodology

We have designed a creative process capable of enhancing people’s skills and characteristics and, at the same, of accompanying groups along an organised path: innovating in a structured way.

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Digital Approach

Understanding the digital world to understand the approach of people to services, products, experiences and contacts

Idea Generation

Thinking new ideas through collaborative brainstorming sessions, to imagine and co-design innovative products and services

Canvas & tools

The use of tools, maps and canvas to design in line with an organic and structured methodology

Human-centered solutions

Designing solutions centered on the needs of the people who are involved in a given process or will use a given product

The Value
of Talent Garden

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Vienna Campus
  • 5,000 sqm of creative space
  • Innovative neighborhoods
  • Event spaces and meeting rooms
  • Wellbeing room and community kitchen
  • TAG Café
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