Business Data Analysis

Make data-driven decisions, improve efficiencies and achieve organisational goals.

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What is it?

The 6-week Part Time Bootcamp in Business Data Analysis aims to train professionals to use the enormous amounts of data that result from the use of new technologies. It enables them to obtain valuable information to make strategic and operational decisions for the management and competitiveness of companies. The Bootcamp offers professionals who wish to update or upgrade their careers an intensive training program with a high learning curve.

Why participate?

Data is everywhere and it is becoming increasingly important. After 6 weekends you will be able to navigate through millions of data, identify and present data in a simple and effective way to solve a problem or facilitate a seemingly complex decision. As a Business Data Analyst you know specific tools for analyzing data, you use the collected insights to steer your company’s strategy and you present the analysis of the data to stakeholders through data visualization and the use of dashboards. Finally, you will be able to evaluate and organize a data lake structure and use the tools for data governance.

Who is it for?

The Bootcamp is reserved for a maximum of 20 professionals who want to add data analysis to their business skills. The course is aimed at those who want to use data effectively to define more precise business strategies. Ideally, participants will have several years of experience in sales, marketing, management, product or analysis, but this is not a prerequisite. What they need is a great passion for numbers, data, technology and digitization, with a serious intention to dive into data analysis.

Business Data Analysis is the right course for you if you

  • are a Sales Manager who is interested in defining more targeted sales and performance management plans
  • are a Marketing Manager who wants to monitor and analyze past marketing campaigns in order to plan new, more effective campaigns
  • are a Product Manager who wants to define new products that take advantage of opportunities hidden in business data
  • are an Analyst who wants to strengthen the skills in the area of application and data governance
  • come from a different field and you would like to add data analysis to your professional skills

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Know in depth business data analysis
  • Read and interpret data & transform data findings into use cases
  • Manipulate data through the use of specific tools
  • Visualise business insights, communicate them effectively, correlate with business needs
  • Use insights collected to guide effective strategies (data driven management)
  • Use SQL and electronic sheets to connect, manage and analyze data
  • Present data analysis to stakeholders through data visualization criteria and the use of dashboards
  • Understand what business implication a business data analyst has in making strategic decisions that are crucial to your business
  • Develop new data-driven business models
  • Know how to evaluate a data lake project and its implications for business activities

Meet Our Scientific Coordinator

We are educators who are committed to the student learning experience and to taking an ‘action learning’ approach to teaching. We do this by delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.

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Alin Kalam
Strategic Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead, Lufthansa Group AG

Alin Kalam has studied Computer Science & Astrophysics. During his professional career he helped several large international companies in the industrial and financial sector to master the challenges of data-driven digitization/automation. Since 2018, he has been working as “Strategic Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead” at Lufthansa Group AG and has been instrumental in shaping the orientation of the “Hub Carrier”. In his previous position as Head of Digitization at BAWAG Group AG, he was responsible for the “Big Data Office” department, which implemented use cases throughout the grroup. Alin is an enthusiastic technology evangelist, speaks at international conferences and teaches as an external lecturer at universities. In addition to his professional career, he is an activist in the “Union of European Federalists” and co-founder of various NGO initiatives such as “Banglakid” & “USPT”, which are committed to the education of street children from Southeast Asia.

Our Methodology

We have designed a creative process capable of enhancing people’s skills and characteristics and, at the same, of accompanying groups along an organised path: innovating in a structured way.

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Digital Approach

Understanding the digital world to understand the approach of people to services, products, experiences and contacts

Idea Generation

Thinking new ideas through collaborative brainstorming sessions, to imagine and co-design innovative products and services

Canvas & tools

The use of tools, maps and canvas to design in line with an organic and structured methodology

Human-centered solutions

Designing solutions centered on the needs of the people who are involved in a given process or will use a given product

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